Work Log: 30 March 2011

March 30, 2011 at 11:48 pm (Work)

Lesson of the Day:
Even if we have the latest documentation, its always better to confirm with the other party.

Boss and I were “bombed” by the other party. Mistake could have been avoidable. Both of us assumed that it was accurate.

Well, I really think i have a good boss. Help me to shelter all the bombs and arrows. Thankfully.


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July 31, 2010 at 12:00 am (Uncategorized)

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This week is almost over.

May 9, 2010 at 5:42 pm (Dailys)

It has been torturous days for me.

Brother is required to fly to Taiwan for NS training. Bro is looking forward to it for he has never been to Taiwan before, so is Mum.. looking forward to sending him off at the airport. The whole family planned to send off the young master on Friday.

Dad got really sick on Wednesday, MC on Thursday, still not fully recovered on Friday so he said he would not be going to the airport. The plan was for me to go for my tuition at 7.30pm then we would meet and go Changi together. Halfway through the lesson, I got an urgent call from brother to go back home immediately. Emergency he said. When I asked him what happened, he refused to say, just keep saying come back immediately. Its really bad.

The tuition place is 2 bus stops from my place but I usually walk to and fro the locations. While I was going back, alot raced through my mind. Is it dad? no, its just the normal fever, shouldnt be serious. Is it ah mm? Or wai gong? Not likely. Oh no, its the time mum usually comes back from work. Is it mum then? no, i hear voices in the background. If its mum they wont be talking. Is it serious? must be, if not bro wont call me.  The whole process keeps repeating.

You know how dramas always shows the actors running to an emergency? Bluff de. I can barely walk. My knees were weak. The more I want to be fast, the more I cant.

Reached home. Dad says mum is feeling numb, cant stand or walk. Mum then said her arm is really really numb. I thought.. chey… until she said her leg and right cheek are numb too. My first thought was stroke? I was told bro went to the clinic downstairs to get a queue number, dad asked me if we should call the ambulance/go hospital/clinic. HUH? Still need to wait? I immediately called to ask the clinic if we could jump queue or if we should just  go NUH straight away. Doctor’s opinion was go straight to hospital.

Took a cab down. Bro wanted to get down too but the queue at NUH was too long so he went off to the airport straight else theres high chance that he would be late.

And so came the “famous” long wait. Mum was pushed to A&E and we were told to wait outside. It is not a good feeling, with all the families of patients waiting outside for news. Every the door opens and the doctor/nurse called out the name, you see graved faces walking towards the doctor/nurse. I knew it would most probably be another hour or so before anybody would speak to me but I still turned my head and wished that its for us. There were empty seats but I just couldnt sit still.

By 12 plus, dad and I went for some noodles at the food court. Not that we are hungry, just we-were-bored-waiting-and-nothing-else-to-do. At ard 1am, mum called from inside, saying that she had to be hospitalised.

“You are good, people wait for doctor to tell them, you just direct call us even before the doctor. And inside can use handphone meh?”

And she signed her own admission papers, even requesting the type of hospital ward she wanted.  -_-”’

Later, the doctor did inform us, and confirm that its a stroke, stay for observation blah blah blah. By the time we left at 2 plus, she still had not gotten a bed. So much for efficiency huh?

Over the next few days, I was tired out rushing back and fro the hospital. Slipped into deep sleep the moment we got into cab.

Plus, I just finished oral presentation. And I had planned intensive tuition for my students as its the school exam week. All plans were disrupted. I felt bad that I had to cancel some of the sessions last minute. But boh bian ar~~

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Feasibility of Study Rooms

April 12, 2010 at 11:21 pm (Uncategorized)

In a typical Singaporean household, with the medium number of 1 to 2 child per nuclear family, most people have a room of their own. The room is usually everything rolled into one, bedroom, study room and entertainment. I am one of such example.

However, I am beginning to have doubts about such arrangement. Having a bed right next to your study table is not exactly the most optimal environment for studying, a longstanding study. Perhaps for some people, they can work anyway.

I am not known to be a hardworking person. I often have to go all the way to school just so that I can study. My parents always chided me for doing that. Waste of time, they say. True, given the fact that I have to spend an average of close to 2 hours on journey.

But to me, I rather spend that 2 hours so I can concentrate on that 6 hours in school. In my room, there are too much distractions. Bed is one. Makes me drowsy. Internet is a click away. TV is not interesting but I stay rooted to the sofa should I even start. Worse if my brother is at home. In short, Im too comfortable in my own room.

I found a way to counter some of this. Study/Work in my brother’s room. Bed is not as appealing since its not mine. Staying there is equivalent to telling myself, okay, work time.

Now, I wish we have a study room. Especially so when NTU is filled with people at 11pm. And no seat with power points.

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I can get used to this lifestyle

April 9, 2010 at 1:41 am (Uncategorized)

The routine of waking up, finding food, surfing net, reading, doing some work, eat, sleep, tuition marathon. Thats it. I dont find the need to get out of the house unless I had to. Best if nobody finds/disturbs me.

Dont get me wrong. I like my friends. Grateful that all the people around me are nice. Yup, that is a statement, not a generalisation. I like meeting them, but I find going out troublesome. Contradictory huh?? Haha, I admit Im a 宅女. If not for some practicalities, I can do this for the rest of my life? Maybe, maybe not.

Just a runaway thought, I better get back to my work now. Argh!

PS: I almost did a stupid thing the other day. I wanted to call shan out for dinner while I was in the vicinity. Just before I dialed the number, I remember that shes overseas. -_-”

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Qing Ming

April 6, 2010 at 3:25 am (Uncategorized)

My family visited our grandparents’ graves for Qing Ming on Saturday. Its the first time that my bro and I went to our grandfather’s grave. When we were young, bro and I were told to remain in the car while the adults went up to pray. Reason being  some climbing is required and there are no nicely cut slabs of steps.

While we were at ah ma’s,  it was noticed that there were not many people as compared to last time. I remembered we used to be stuck in jam with long lines of cars. Police had to be stationed there to help direct the traffic. Perhaps people came on friday as it was a public holiday.  Or perhaps lesser people are keeping the tradition. I dunno, I personally feel that we should try to  maintain these traditions. I saw the ice cream man but he was gone by the time we were done with the praying.

I was very surprised to see blocks of hostel right beside the cemetery. Later,  I read a newspaper article on Lian He Wan Bao that claimed some workers stole from the offerings! Dunno whether they came from the hostel or some other place. Anyway, no matter who they are, its dissrespect!

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Female Taxi Driver

March 26, 2010 at 6:08 pm (Uncategorized)

Recently, I am seeing more and more female taxi drivers. I am not sure whether this observation is due to the fact that I am taking more cab rides recently and if this is really the trend.

Whenever I get on the cab, Im used to saying “Uncle,  my destination“. I was surprised to see a lady greeting me. The auntie is of petite build, wears black tights and high heels. While usually I cant see anything more than the steering wheel, I was actually able to see the pedals. She looked like being swallowed by the driver’s seat. Okay, some exaggeration. But she looked really petite. Not much taller than me and much slimmer (dang!)

Oh, did I mention she wore  huge bangles which is rather eye-catching whenever her hand moves? So cute.

And the main difference between male and female taxi drivers, is cleanliness. Some uncles do a good job of maintaining the taxi, while others… well, the taxi looks like its been through a lot and im refering to the newer sonata models. But its definitely the first time that i took a cab that actually smells …. nice. Theres a light flowery scent from the moment I step in.  Overall, i say its a pleasant ride.

PS: Alot of taxi smells. So far, I have experienced char siew rice (Uncle ate in his car with full blast air con), smoky smell ( Smoker) and fart! Theres only 2 person in the car, if its not me.. then its… you know.

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Sunday is tuition day

March 21, 2010 at 11:42 pm (Uncategorized)

I scheduled four tuition today. The usual was three, but one student from saturday postponed it to today. So its a straight marathon from 10.30am to 6.30pm. Almost like a full day office job!

Received a sms at midnight from one of the boys that the tuition has to be cancelled because hes in the finals of a basketball competition. Which means I will have lunch hour break.

Woke up early at 8 plus/9 plus (inclusive of lazing in bed), to meet kt for breakfast before heading for tuition together. Ya, same place, same time, different siblings. Nice right…

We had some unhealthy lunch aka Mac at Limbang. When kt left, I had another hour of free time left. So I called janice and shes home! Great! Previous ocassions  when I called her, she always happen to be not at home. So I went her to her house, chit chat for an hour, then went for my tuition across the street when time is up.

Overall, i say its a good day!

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Not a very smooth day

February 6, 2010 at 2:32 am (Uncategorized)

I flunked my driving test =(

My test time was 9.15am but I had to be there at 8am for the warmup. I was feeling queasy about it the night before. Somehow, I think Im not going to pass. Its not a matter of confidence or pessimistic thinking or what. More like a premonition.

I was at the waiting room by 9am. My stomach wasnt feeling well and I thought it was due to my nervousness. 9.10am, I decided to run to toilet. When I came out, my tester was waiting for me outside the ladies :X

In the circuit, all was well. While doing the parallel parking, I was just thinking how smooth everything was. Not a single mistake. And oops, just that few split seconds where I lost concentration, I made a mistake. Panicked, made wrong corrective actions and strike the pole. No choice, I had to redo again. This time, I managed to do everything nicely in less than a minute. By then, I knew I failed the test.

Tester went on to continue with the road test. No major mistakes, just a minor one. Back at BBDC, during review, he said I made too many mistakes during parallel parking and exceed the time limit, so its a fail. He asked why did I make that initial mistake, it was fine until i made that additional wrong turn. I could have passed easily if I didnt do that.  Haiz, blur lor.

Back home, I continued my stomach runs. My mum saw me, gave that “I-know-you-failed” smile and asked how I fared. Ouch.

The whole day, my stomach, intestines, whatever, kept rambling. As I was napping, half-conciously, I thought it was the rain. Woke up to bring in the laundry etc, went back to sleep. Sleeping is my remedy for all sorts of illnesses, pains and any other problems.

Later I was running late for my appointment with xj hp they all. Just when I was all prepared, changed and ready to step out. Mum was back from work. Asked about my stomach and insisted that I stay at home to eat porridge instead of going out to eat rubbish (Anything that is not home-cooked = unhealthy)

While I was drinking soup, I was amused when I overhead her phone  conversation with my 2nd aunt.

In hokkien, “Ya lor, she didnt go out eventually. Not feeling well still want to run outside, so late somemore. I scold scold then now she saying at home and eat what I cook.”

Haha, made me sound like a small kid.

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January 30, 2010 at 2:13 am (Uncategorized)

First, the taxi driver said I look like a primary six student and asked what am I doing in NTU. Hello, I know I dont look like my age. But saying that I look like a twelve year old is too off. The uncle went on to ask “How come you didnt grow?” Ouch.

Then, outside a convenience store, a group of youngsters in their teens were gathering around the flight of stairs leading to the convenience store. On my return trip, a malay boy actually approached me and asked “Miss, do you want a ride?”, with his hands holding onto his bicycle. Huh? Stunned. It was no coincidence that a particular scene from The Twilight Sage: New Moon movie came into my mind. I walked away and amused at the fact that the boy is most probably slightly older than half my age.

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